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On-Stream Leak Sealing.

Your One-Stop leak sealing company

Maximizing profits is the primary goal of any business. Industries achieve this by optimizing production facilities while minimizing downtime from unscheduled plant shutdowns. However, emergencies due to leaks can occur and situations can quickly develop which impact the environment, safety and operations of a business.
Safety is the first consideration in every job Steamcon does.  Proven by a 16-year incident-free safety record.
Steamcon is committed to providing 24/7, rapid response. Our technicians have up to thirty years of sealing experience with power, process, and marine piping.
Steamcon specializes in both emergency and scheduled on-stream mechanical services to the power and process industries. Our service involves the most cost-effective and technically advanced sealing solutions.
Our sealants are inert soft compounds for long resilient service life to minimize re leaks due to temperature/pressure changes and shutdowns. Our leak enclosures and fittings are engineered to boiler and pressure vessel standards and have all received pre-approval by the authorities with jurisdiction over them.

Damage Repairs

Bad Welds Broken pipes,  Flange gasket blow out, and numerous other industry breakdowns are handled by an experienced technician backed by an engineer and machine shop.  To design a repair to fit your situation.


All our containment devices are designed by an engineer to meet each individual situation.  The ISO 9001 machine shop designs for numerous leak sealing companies.


Transformers and Circuit Breakers have numerous components that are subject to costly leak problems. Our technicians can seal these leaks while the transformers are energized and without draining the oil.

Safety-Freeze ® Line Stop Service

Freeze PLUGGING is non-invasive and the safest, quickest and least expensive method of temporary pipe plugging. There are no pressure limits but temperature limits apply depending on pipe size and there cannot be any flow..


The most efficient method to repack valves during maintenance outages or on-stream. Fast, Safe, Inexpensive and 100% effective with a lifetime warranty, this proprietary process is the most economical way to accomplish multiple valve re-packing requirements.


Pipe protection syntho-glass ® wrap coating eliminates and prevents leaks and corrosion. A safe and effective repair that can also accommodate odd shapes and sizes. Can be applied on or off the stream. Pressure/temperature limits apply.
Let STEAMCON provide you with a regular free Leak Loss Survey to improve your efficiency, safety and reduce environmental impact. We think it’s a good deal and so do our customers who have been using STEAMCON surveys for years.
Steamcon long term warranties mean we can seal it and you can forget it.

Featured Projects

We do not run pipe one day or build anything new.  We do leak’s every day!  We are on stream leak specialists with over 50 years of combined experience.

Say Hello to Matt Glaze one of our technicians. Matt is tackling a Bonnet gasket leak on a 36-inch valve. He is peening the gap that is flange to flange. Peening the flange together helps our Carbon fiber product coagulate. Not all bonnets are flange to flange and require a sealant support system to be designed and manufactured and installed. This leak was a 160# 400 degrees line and sealed up nicely.


A 2000 PSI steam leak was stopped using a beefy bar clamp with a strong back.  The hole was in a weld at the base of the valve.  We measured, designed, fabricated, installed and injected the bar clamp.  The leaked stopped quickly when we injected carbon fiber compound and it coagulated and cured.

This valve was changed because we met the requirements for the mill workers to have a double block and bleed.  We help keep the plant up.  Note:  You can only freeze a liquid that is not moving.


Here we didn’t need any compound.  We used a Pinch Block to crush the 2″ line.  A capped line blow because of a bad weld.  This was an emergency call out and we had it stopped within an hour we arrived at the plant.


Black Liquor what a mess!  In less than 24 hours we had a clamp made and installed.  This mill did not have to shut down.  The clamp was custom built for this job allowing the Control valve to still be used.  We used a Black Rubber material to fill the void and a compound we used Steamcon 815 at the leak source to withstand the liquor.

Freequently Asked Questions

How do I find you on ISNETWORLD?

ISN ID 400-150061

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Are all your employees registered under TWIC.

  Yes, one of the first of many ID cards a new employee gets is TWIC Card.

Are you employee's Drug tested?

Yes before any other ID or training is scheduled all our employees are drug tested.  We and our customers require drug testing annually.  

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Why Choose US

Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride our selves on stopping leaks and keeping your production up and running.  We have a great success rate.

A One-Stop Shop

We are local and we do care in keeping you up and running.

Free Consultation

We will be glad to assist in making the right decision.   We would also perform a free survey of part or your whole plant.

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